Studio ECO specializes in sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for homes. They offer advice, design, and installation services with a focus on preserving the natural environment.




We developed a brand identity for Studio ECO with a modern and natural aesthetic. Inspired by a bee's life — a symbol of community in nature — we transformed a bee's hive cell into a unique logo mark. This creates a connection with the target audience and showcases their commitment to sustainability and conscious living.

Giving Back to Nature

With great attention to detail, we crafted every aspect of the brand with thoughtful decisions in mind. For print materials like business cards, we chose recyclable paper to further enhance Studio ECO's brand image. This shows their commitment to making a positive impact that benefit both the company and the environment.


Given that most of Studio ECO’s clients come through social media, great visuals are essential for showcasing work and the company. We collaborated with Studio ECO to capture the development for a tiny house project, to use on their website and social media platforms.